18 note standard rotating music box mechanism with rotating plate

18 Note Wind Up Music Box With Rotating Plate 10188001China Musical Movement,Musical Movement Wholesale

18 Note Standard Musical Movement with Rotating Shaft and Plate in Contrary Direction (3YA2/S-190) Min.Order 2000 Pieces. Music Box Movement Mechanism Musical Movement Handcrank Music Movement Musical Water Fountain Outdoor Musical Fountain Musical Fountain Design Mechanical Music yunsheng,18-note movement at unbelievable prices .We China Standard Movement,Standard Movement Wholesale Yunsheng Standard 18-Note Music Movement with Rotating Drum Shaft (3YA2006) Min.Order 2000 Pieces. Standard 18 Note Musical Movement with Separable Rotating Plate,Center Output Music Box Movement Manufacturers Mechanism Music Box Suppliers

Middle Rotate Thread Axle 18 Note Clockwork Music Box

- Music Feature.1)Normal 18 note musical mechanism.2)More than 800 hot tunes for your choice.3)Accept to custom your own songs - Play Power.Spring power,Clockwork music box mechanism - Size.Standard Mechanisms size,51x45x22mm - Actions Feature.1)Clockwise rotation output.2)Above the mechanism and Middle position.3)M3 left threaded shaftMusic Movement NIDEC SANKYO CORPORATIONThe mechanism is that by rotating drum the pin flick the vibration plate.Vibration plate (a portion of the music box sound) We call each plate as vibration plate which is divided into something like tooth of the comb.The arrangement of vibration plate is depends on the music.Related searches for 18 note standard rotating music boxsankyo music box movements wholesalewind up music box mechanismwind up musical movementsmusic box movements for craftssankyo music box replacementsankyo musical movement partsswiss music box mechanismsmusic box mechanism bulk12345Next


>>Music Box Plates >>Music Box Shafts >>Ballerina Music Box Attachments Replacement comb of standard 18 note music movement mechanism.Sankyo musical mechanism replacements.Janpan Sankyo Music Box Movements. Church 18 note rotating wood music box.London big ben wood music box.

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